VE2SWL's R-390A RF Deck Pictures

Jordan describes the cleanup:

Here you go...I removed the deck, and soaked it down with WD-40 and let it sit overnight to loosen the gunk up... then it was sprayed with Chemtronics "ElecroWash" , then re-sprayed with WD-40, then again with the Degreaser... this was repeated until the degreaser dripped clear onto a white papertowel... it was sprayed into the Zero Adjust assembly as I did have some binding in this section previous to the cleaning... the gear train was then cleaned thouroughly with a stiff nylon "NoMar" brush... the I used a syringe and some Bostik "NeverSeez" Gel Lube for light lubrication... it was sprayed into the Zero Adjust assembly also and freed up completely... I think it is about as good as possible without dissassembling the entire deck... Let me know what you think... 73 de Jordan... Jordan VE2SWL

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