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The RS-511 Attache-Case Radio

This radio set is shown in Keith Melton's books (see Bibliography) as the 'attache case radio'. It is essentially the main components of an RS-6 set, repackaged in a metal Halliburton case. There is a single metal panel, with the chassis' of the RR-6 and RT-6 mounted on the underside. The power supply components are different from the RP-6 and RA-6.

Unlike the RS-6, the RS-511 directly supports high-speed burst keying at 300 WPM (the RS-6 supports an 'automated keyer', but only at speeds up to 60 WPM). The upper left corner of the panel includes 3 compartments for storing the KE-8, CO-8, and CA-3 components. These components appear to be the same as those used in the military AN/GRA-71 "coder-burst transmission set".

Other changes or improvements of the RS-511 over the RS-6 include:

Two variations of this set have been seen: one based on the RR-6 and RT-6 (see images below), and another using RR-6A and RT-6A components (see Keith Melton's book, "The Ultimate Spy Book"). The one using "A" model components has the appropriate markings differences on the front panel, since the RS-6A has a somewhat different frequency range. It is not known for certain what the nomenclature is for the "A" version, since the model and serial numbers have been scratched off of that example - it could possibly be RS-511A.


RS-511 set, serial # 153. This unit was found in Greece. It may have been part of a "leave-behind" program, but appears to have never been used. Image courtesy of Kostas M.


The burst-coder components and antenna and ground wires shipped with the RS-511. Although not clearly visible in this image, the letters on the coder wheel are Greek letters. Image courtesy of Kostas M.


The RS-511 with all of it's known accessories, including a dual hearing-aid type earphone, and three CA-3 message tapes. Image courtesy of Kostas M.


An underside view of the RS-511 chassis. The main components are, clockwise from upper left: RR-6 receiver serial # 6290, RT-6 chassis with some modifications, power supply rectifier and filter, power transformer, cabling compartment, and burst-coder storage compartment. Image courtesy of Kostas M.


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