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Unknown/QRC-222 HF Radio Set

Known examples of this set are marked only with a ‘Dymo’ label indicating “QRC-222”. It is possibly a “Quick Reaction Contract” item. In Keith Melton’s “CIA Special Weapons & Equipment” book, it is named “RS-8”, but this designation is very doubtful. It is likely that this designation was assumed because the coder/keyer components are marked “CK-8” and “KE-8”. In CIA documents there was an RS-8 set, but it was a beacon system first mentioned in April 1952, and it is clearly a different set. So, “QRC-222” is likely the only correct designation.

See the CryptoMuseum page for much more information, and high-quality pictures:

It is a complete solid-state HF transceiver, including the CK-8 coder/keyer components. The transceiver tunes 2-20 MC in four bands. Controls include audio and RF gain, and a mode switch which includes settings for CW, XTAL AM, and VFO AM. The transmitter output power is 3 watts, crystal control only. Power input is 90-240 VAC; or 10-17 VDC. The entire unit, including accessories, is packaged in a black metal case.






Power Supply







Frequency Bands

2-3.5, 3.5-6, 6-11, 11-20 MC


Power Output

3 watts



The complete set. The top half is the transceiver and power supply components; in the lower right is the burst-code components (same as those used in the GRA-71). There is an inspection tag dated 27-Aug-65. Photo courtesy of John Pitts.


A close-up view of the transceiver. Photo courtesy of John Pitts.

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