how to tune fm radio on bluetooth speaker

How to Tune FM Radio on Bluetooth Speaker – Step-by-Step Guide with Tips, FAQs & More

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Have you ever wondered if your Bluetooth speaker can access radio channels? Turns out, there are various ways to play FM radio on almost any portable speaker. 

We have developed a highly detailed guide for you to tune FM radio on your Bluetooth speaker easily. Along with that, we have multiple FAQs that can help you. 

Quick Summary

This post will highlight the following aspects:

  • Ways to tune FM radio on Bluetooth speakers
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Essential FAQs

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Tune FM Radio on a Bluetooth Speaker? 

Modern Bluetooth speakers are equipped with a bunch of useful features. One of these features includes a built-in FM tuner. 

If your speaker doesn’t have one, you can still access radio channels from all over the world. Now, let’s check how you can do that in detail.

  • Connect through the built-in tuner
  • Connect through smartphone
  • Connect through AUX

Connect to FM Radio with Built-in Tuner

The first thing you need to do is find the built-in FM tuner in your Bluetooth speaker. You can simply locate the ‘Mode Button’ on your speaker. 

Press it a couple of times until the speaker prompts FM mode. After that, you can tune into any FM radio channel available in your vicinity. 

What if my Bluetooth speaker doesn’t prompt radio mode?

If your Bluetooth speaker doesn’t switch to radio mode, there is a high probability that it doesn’t have it built-in. 

Connect Your Phone Through Bluetooth

Once you make sure that your speaker doesn’t have a built-in radio feature, the next step is to connect your phone. This is mainly because most modern smartphones have this feature.

We discovered that any smartphone with firmware of Android 7.0 or iOS 10 comes with an FM app. You simply connect your phone via Bluetooth and access various global channels. 

Can I access radio channels from different continents?

It depends on the app you are using. Some apps use the built-in FM receiver while some access radio channels through the internet. 

We recommend that you use the built-in app because it doesn’t require internet access.

Connect Your Phone Through AUX

Another way to tune FM channels on your Bluetooth speaker is via an AUX cord. Simply connect the AUX cord to your phone and the speaker. 

After that, simply open any FM app and play your desired radio channel. We must also mention that our tests showed it to be the most effective way to listen to the radio.

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Advantages of Using FM Radio on Bluetooth Speaker

Now that you know various ways to tune radio channels on your Bluetooth speaker, let’s check out some of its advantages. 

Connection Convenience

Our team noticed that the main advantage of using a Bluetooth speaker as your radio is connectivity. You can any of the aforementioned methods to do so. 

On top of that, this provides multiple backup options for you. So, if your AUX cable doesn’t work, you can always connect through your phone’s Bluetooth. 

How is that useful compared to a conventional radio?

If your conventional radio has a minor or major problem, it will stop working altogether. In the case of a smartphone, if the radio isn’t working, you can always use a different app. 

High-Quality Audio

We further observed that using a combination of a Bluetooth speaker and a smartphone is significantly better in terms of audio. There are two reasons for it. 

First, the connection with Bluetooth or AUX is quite strong compared to a conventional radio connection. Secondly, a smartphone can also access radio channels through the internet. 

How does that improve audio quality?

Instead of using normal radio waves, getting data from the internet is much better. There is no interference and thus, you get a higher-quality audio output. 

Furthermore, you can play your radio channels at high volumes as well. We found no signs of distortion even at max volume.

Power Consumption

Our team conducted some comparison tests and found that a Bluetooth speaker can last longer than a normal radio. This is mainly due to the built-in battery feature. 

Even if you get a cheap speaker, it can roughly last for 5-8 hours on a full charge. Whereas, a radio needs a constant replacement of disposable battery cells. 

Highly Portable

As a multi-purpose device, you don’t have to carry a separate radio. This enables you to move around freely without having to keep track of various media devices. 

Other than that, you can find Bluetooth speakers that are compact and can easily fit in your backpack. 

Disadvantages of Using FM Radio on Bluetooth Speaker

After extensive comparisons, our team didn’t find a lot of downsides for using a Bluetooth speaker. 

The only disadvantage you’ll face is the initial purchase price. This is mainly because Bluetooth speakers are expensive. 

How much do I have to pay for a Bluetooth speaker?

It completely depends on the type of speaker you want. We discovered that most high-performance speakers are over the $100 price mark. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How long can a Bluetooth speaker perform in radio mode?

The battery life of your Bluetooth speaker depends on various variables. You can extend the battery life of your speaker by lowering the volume and using only one connection mode. A fully charged radio can easily output audio for at least 3-4 hours.

How can I improve radio reception on my Bluetooth speaker?

There are multiple ways to improve radio reception on your Bluetooth speaker. First of all, make sure your speaker is fully charged. Other than that, place your Bluetooth at an elevated level. This will improve the signal reception. 

Can I connect an antenna to my Bluetooth speaker?

Most modern Bluetooth speakers don’t have a port to connect a separate receiver antenna. This is mainly because the built-in FM receiver is quite strong. If you are facing any reception issues, it might be due to bad signal coverage in your area. 

Can I play AM radio channels on my Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers with a built-in radio feature only play FM channels. However, you can access AM radio channels by using a radio app on your phone. Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth and switch the radio app to AM mode. 

Where can I find the radio app on my phone?

You can search for the radio app in the apps menu. If you can’t find it, there is a high chance that your phone doesn’t have one. In that case, go to the Google Playstore or iOS AppStore to download a third-party radio app. 

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Wrapping Things Up…

It is quite easy to turn your Bluetooth speaker into a radio. All you have to do is simply connect your smartphone and tune in to a radio channel. 

This is all we have on the topic of How to Tune FM Radio on a Bluetooth Speaker. We hope this information proves to be useful for you. 

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